Microsoft SharePoint is a Web application program that allows developers to create intricate websites and online programs that businesses can use for a variety of tasks and needs. A good programmer can make SharePoint do anything he or she wants, but there are common uses that almost every business needs. This article will explain the most common uses so that you know what SharePoint is truly capable of.

Best Uses and Features of Microsoft SharePoint for Businesses

Centralized Email

One of the most common uses of SharePoint is an Email Hub. You can easily create a centralized website where all of your emails are securely stored. This makes it very easy for other workers to check and store emails, and it ensures that hackers will have a hard time penetrating your email server.


There are many collaboration tools built into SharePoint. Many people can join a SharePoint room to speak over a secure connection. Not only that, but there are various tools that make it easy for each worker to share files and tasks. SharePoint can also store past versions of documents that are being worked on.

For example, the team is tasked with building a report. The current version has many factual errors that a past version of the report didn’t have. Users can access the past version through SharePoint.

Help Ticket System

This is useful for both employees and customers. Employees can enter a help ticket if their terminal is not working correctly, and customers can make help tickets if they are having a technical problem on their end. SharePoint will send these tickets to your support staff, and they can help each person in an orderly fashion.

While there are many help ticket programs that you can use, SharePoint is usually more affordable.

Private Blog

Many companies use SharePoint to create a private blog that employees and investors can read. Blogging is very important for communicating changes, and this makes it much easier for employees to know what is happening to the company as a whole. While there are few services that allow you to create a blog, SharePoint allows you to host the blog privately, and it keeps outsiders from reading the content.

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Assign Tasks

Assigning tasks to telecommuters can be difficult, but you can change that with SharePoint. Managers and administrators can assign tasks to users without physically seeing them. This is also useful because employees have a record of their assigned tasks, and they can also speak with managers through SharePoint if there are any questions about a certain task.

Offline Work

Employees that frequently travel often don’t have consistent access to the Internet. This makes it difficult for the employees to work, and the employees may miss critical updates. SharePoint allows employees to work in offline mode by locally storing files, and it will synchronize all of the changes once the Internet is available again.


There are many different uses for SharePoint. Most companies use this to speak with employees over the Internet, and they also use it to securely store emails and files. Most companies use SharePoint for the reasons above, and you can easily customize SharePoint to match your exact needs.