Windows 8 is full of nice features but one of thing which is really confusing for most of the users is the absence of the Start or Windows menu. And if you one of those people, who would love to have the Windows Start button or menu back to your Windows 8 then, here are few easy solution for you.

Here I am sharing few applications which brings back the Start menu back on the Windows 8 and also adds few more functionalities for better user experience. All of these software are free to download and use.

Top 5 Applications to Get the Start Menu back in Windows 8

Pokki Windows 8 Start Menu on

Pokki is a free app which installs the Start menu on Windows 8 and  let you search for apps, control panels, and files. You can add your favorite apps, websites, files and folders for quick access. It boots to the Desktop mode directly and skips the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen. And the best thing is that you can get free apps and games too for your device from the Pokki App Store.

It restores the  Windows Start button and menu on Windows 8 with all the familiar options You can make the ‘Desktop mode’ as your default Windows startup screen when computer starts. You can choose from different appearances available and it is totally free.

Classic Start Menu is nothing but a clone of the original Windows Start menu which was available in all previous Windows versions from the Windows 95 to Vista. It is also having many advanced features like support for skins, Microsoft’s Active Accessibility, customizable Start button and many more.

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Win8 Start Button on

It is a small size software which brings back the Start button and menu on Windows 8 opearated systems. What makes it different that it does not change the UI of your computer and the Start button is also having the Windows 8 logo.

Windows Start Menu Vistart 8 on

Vistart is a free application which adds the Windows 7-style Start menu with Windows 8 enhancements. You caan customize it and use lots of different skins. It is having an Ultra Blur feature as well and performs search queries really fast.