Microsoft Windows 8 is the latest OS which has been launched (Only for Developers) by the Microsoft company in the market. Microsoft Windows 8 is quite a different styled OS than the Windows 7 OS.

So, what is new in the Windows 8? Well for your assistance, the Microsoft has launched more than 300 new features in the Windows 8 operating system. In this post, I have simply shared 5 features of the Windows 8, which are the most loved one. Let me discuss all of them one by one as follows:

Features of Windows 8 - MSI Slider S20

5 Awesome Features of Windows 8

1. System Compatibility

The new Windows 8 OS is compatible with both the ARM processors and the traditional Intel xx86 processors. The Microsoft has announced the Windows 8 OS as the first edition of Windows that can be operated on the devices having the AMD ARM processors or Intel xx86 processors.

Now a days, the Windows 8 is being featured in many of the devices. The Samsung has also launched first smartphone based upon Windows 8 OS at IFA, Berlin. Like Samsung Ativ S, there will be many devices launched in future which would include the tablets, ultrabook, PCs and laptops, all which will contain either ARM or traditional xx86 processors.

2. Tiles UI and Charms

The Windows 8 has been advanced to a new user interface which will contain tiles instead of the traditional icons. So, the tiles also known as the Windows 8 Metro style applications, will thus direct the necessary information to the user, without the need of the user to click on them. The examples of such option are the weather app, Windows Live Mail and social networking app.

The Charms, on the other hand, are the new additions to the Windows 8 start bar. The charms sidebar consists of five options including Start, Search, Share, Devices and Settings. These five options further offer a set of applications below them.

3. Snap Multi Tasking feature & Multi Monitor Feature

Snap multi-tasking is an interesting feature of Windows 8, that is introduced by the Microsoft, which enables the users to use the two applications side by side. One can switch easily between the applications, by simple swiping only. The disadvantage is that, one can not snap multi-task over more than 2 applications on the same window.

Multi Monitors feature is also an useful feature, with which a person will be able to extend the desktop of the device on two screens. One can display the Start screen on one monitor and the desktop on the other. The switching between the 2 monitors is also very easy by tapping the switcher button, present on the secondary monitor.

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4. Advanced Control Panel

Since, the Windows 8 has been introduced with the Metro applications, the control panel is also changed with many additions. There are additions of some more options in the control panel. The examples of the additions are Personalize with which user can personalize the metro apps and its tiles. More examples are Users, Wireless, Notifications, General, Privacy, Search and Share.

5. Advanced Copy Features

The Windows 8 copy feature includes the graphical representation of the data transfer speed, data transfer rate trend and the data left to copy.

Moreover, the several copy operations in individual dialog box are merged into a single dialog box, which can be started, paused and cancelled accordingly.