Chances are if you use a computer in 2012 you read or create PDF files frequently. The PDF file has been allowing users to create documents that can be viewed uniformly on any device since for nearly 20 years. Creating a basic PDF file can be a simple task but making a highly complex and technical PDF that will really wow the recipient can be a complicated matter. Lets look at a few simple tips you can use to spice up your PDF files. The technical details are not covered here. This is just to get the wheels turning for your next powerful PDF.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Tips & Tricks

Best PDF Tips and Tricks

Save a Webpage as PDF

Lets say you have a page that you want to show off in a presentation or just send to someone for review. You could simply send them the address of the page so they can take a peek but this may cause some difficulty if the page is dynamic and won’t be the same for long. So how can you save the page in all it’s glory preserving the links, images, or video. Try saving the page as a PDF file! Then the page is as good as mummified and can be view like any other document you may want to share with working links and all still preserved.

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Merge Files into One Document

Dealing with lots of PDF files saved separately can be overwhelming especially when you need to share the files with someone. A good solution is to merge multiple files into one PDF document. It can be a webpage, video or flash movie, or picture all on the same page. Other formats like documents, spreadsheet or graphics can be added as well. This is extremely useful when multiple people are creating content that will be used on the project. The graphics people can send the graphics, the spreadsheet people can send the spreadsheets, the video people can send the video, and well, you get the idea. Your PDF file become a synthesis where everyone combines the work they have and its all converted into one document for distribution.

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Try Adding Video Into the PDF

Adding a quality video presentation to any webpage, document, or presentation can significantly add value to the content. Taking the work you have created and made into a video and then add it to your PDF. It can go a long way in selling your ideas to your colleagues or clients by making your ideas more clear and giving you professional looking reflected light. The technology has been around for a few years to embed video, including video live on the internet like a YouTube video, directly in your PDF file.

PDF is the gold standard for sending, receiving and printing documents. Learning a few creative tips can add a lot of value turning a simple PDF presentation into a powerful file with video, flash animation, graph, or webpages.