Some tech dies naturally, HD DVDs, MySpace, Minidisc players, and the world is a better place without it. But there is some tech that just refuses to know when it’s beaten. These are 4 such annoyances that I think you will agree would not be missed if they peacefully slipped away overnight.

Funny Irritating Tech Trends

4 Funny and Irritating Tech Trends

4. Pop-up Adverts that Imitate Facebook

Pop-ups that copy the familiar design of Facebook were always going to be unavoidable. It’s just that it has become the norm for pretty much every spammy advert on the internet to tell you that you have a notification or a friend request. It’s all lies! The first time you see one you may stop for a brief second. Wait a minute, I didn’t leave my Faceb... oh, it’s just a pop up.

Also falling into the same category are spam pop-ups that try and use reverse psychology like they’ve been watching too much Derren Brown.

Are you leaving?

Click ‘Yes’ to stay on the page,

Click ‘No’ to leave.

That’s tantamount to fraud I’m sure.

3. Serial Number Verification

There has got to be a better way to let someone use a piece of software than by giving them a thirty digit long mix of numbers and letters. Bonus annoyance comes when you cannot copy and paste the code from an email into the browser. When giving access to every aspect of your life online is as easy as clicking ‘accept’ next to a friend request, it seem archaic to bestow such a draconian task on someone who probably just wants some software to burn a DVD.

4 Funny and  Irritating Tech Trends

2. Sent from my iPad, iPhone, Android etc

You will no doubt have seen the tag line at the bottom of numerous emails.

What would be regarded as intrusive from many other technology manufacturers has become a badge of honour for many - even if they are reluctant to admit it. You may have also seen emails 'sent from my BlackBerry”, or “sent from my HTC”.

A seemingly innocuous line of text that conveys a lot more about a person than anyone thought.

Of course, you can easily remove this text (or replace the text,) and many people do. But it’s just the fact that it there in the first place that bewilders me.

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1. Internet Memes

Memes need to go away. Unless you spend all your life looking at meme sites, creating your own memes with in jokes that no-one really understands, you will just never get the context. Even Good Guy Greg would stop creating memes if he could. The fact that memes are so ridiculously easy to create is a reason for their success, but another reason is that you only have to think of half a joke.

So the Internet world, please clean up your act. Leave us to our retrospective software and everyone can live happily. Well, not happily, but with a distinctly reduced amount of annoyance.