Many iPhone users don’t spend much time worrying about malware or hackers. You don’t want to make this mistake if you are an iPhone owner. Although most hackers target Androids and other smartphones, experts have found a number of security flaws with iPhones. Fortunately, there are a number of great apps you can use to make your phone more secure.

The following apps are worth checking out if you need to keep your phone more secure.

Top 5 Security Apps for iPhone and iPad

Lockout Mobile Security

Best Security Apps for  iPhone

Lockout Mobile Security is one of the best known security applications for iPhone on the market. This app is available for a number of different mobile devices, but offers more limited protection for iPhone users. The biggest downfall is that you won’t be able to remove or prevent malware from infecting your phone. However, the app comes in handy when you need to check for unsecured networks, be notified if a location tracking service is enabled or you want to track a device that has been stolen.

Accellion Mobile

Viewing files without verifying them can be dangerous on any device. Accellion Mobile is a cloud-based solution that allows users to view almost any type remotely. You can view files from a public, private or hybrid cloud. Accellion Mobile will make sure your smartphone is protected from malware whether you are opening, editing or uploading a file.

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Best Security Apps for  iPhone

Kryptos is a great app to keep your conversations secure. This app uses Voice Over IP technology to provide a level of encryption that the military uses. You can get the app for free at the App Store, but will need to pay a monthly fee to use the service. However, the fee is minute compared to that charged by many of the other services on the market.

Virus Barrier

There really aren’t enough good apps to help keep viruses from infecting iPhones. Virus Barrier is one of the few that does the job. You can use Virus Barrier to scan files on iPhone for virus of all drives and peripherals, FTP servers and much more. You can purchase the service for about $3 your first year and $2 each year thereafter.

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Norton Snap

Best Security Apps for  iPhone

QR codes have simplified our lives in many ways, but they are also a security nightmare. A number of illicit hackers have used QR codes to send people to malware sites. A number of QR code readers are available at the app store, but they can’t tell you if the site you are visiting is infected with malware or is a site that is known to have security problems. Norton Snap is really good in doing this job perfectly.

Although iPhones are still one of the most secure mobile devices on the market, they are still vulnerable to security threats. Hackers and other criminals continue to find new security vulnerabilities, so you can never expect your phone will be entirely secure. Make sure you add the right applications to protect your phone from malware, intruders and data piracy.