The saying that "there is an app for everything" is becoming increasingly true these days, especially when you consider the fact that there are even skin care applications available for smartphones. Contrarily to what some people may believe, there are actually many such applications to choose from, and so here is a look at the top 5 iPhone skin care apps of 2012.

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Top 5 iPhone Skin Care Apps

Top 5 iPhone Skin Care Apps

1. mySkin

Different people have different types of skin, meaning that taking care of yours requires a case-by-case approach. To put it in other words, you need to know which products work best with your type of skin, and that's precisely what the mySkin application was meant for. It uses a recommendation engine which, after taking into account your skin type, looks over its catalog of over 160,000 skin care products, choosing the best one for your situation, saving you heck of a lot of time and trouble in the process. In addition, this application actually allows you to keep track of the products you've used before as well as your experiences with them, preventing you from making a mistake twice.

2. Makeup Tips and Tricks

People who are just getting into the whole concept of skin care often lack knowledge of the basics, let alone the more advanced tricks. This application, partially meant for beginners, covers pretty much all the bases, including:

  • The kind of color that works better with your skin.
  • How to prepare before using makeup
  • How to keep things on the safe side.
  • How to apply makeup on long lips.
  • How to properly do the eyes.
  • What works best on the cheeks, and more.

3. Natural Beauty Tips

One of the grudges many people hold against skin care products is that they make use of chemicals, which is why more and more of us are looking into natural methods which include vegetables, oils, and various other kinds of products. The Natural Beauty Tips application pretty much does what its title says it would by giving you a number of tips and natural recipes you can use in order to render your skin clean and soft. The best part is that the application is absolutely free to download.

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4. Virtual Makeover App

One of the most dreaded parts about putting on makeup is not exactly knowing what you will look like in the end, which is where the Virtual Makeover App comes into play. Once you take a picture of your face and upload it into the program you can literally try on thousands of different makeup combinations to see what you would look like in them, sparing you from having to try everything yourself.

5. Beauty Tips

Finally, Beauty Tips is an application which can be literally used by anybody as it offers more than three hundred different beauty tips coming from real skin care experts who know what they are talking about. You can even ask questions and have them answered by a professional as well as save and organize your favorite tips so as not to forget them. It may not be a big app, but it certainly holds a lot of useful knowledge.