There's a lot of truth in the old adage "knowledge is power." And, one of the areas where many of us lack knowledge is in oral hygiene and our dental health. Further, it's a problem that plagues both the young and old.

We've rounded up 7 best dental apps you won't want to miss. Many of these will find a permanent place on your smart phone; others you'll want to use when needed.

Top 7 Dental Care Apps -

Best Dental Care Smartphone Apps

1. Dental Aid Lite - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Top 7 Dental Apps - Dental Aid Lite

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This app is designed to make it easy for dental patients to understand what kind of treatment they'll be receiving. It includes HD figures of categories like examination, operative dentistry and prosthodontics. If your dentist doesn't have it, pull out your phone and ask him or her to show you what your treatment is going to be. The "lite" version is a free iOS download.

2. Dental Care Aid - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Top 7 Dental Apps - Dental Care Aid

This app will bring your oral hygiene habits up to the desired standards. It demonstrates the use of nine oral care products including both manual and electric toothbrushes, various kinds of floss and other specialized toothbrushes. You get 38 3-D videos that demonstrate the use of these products on different groups of teeth. It costs $2.99 in the iTunes store.

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3. Dental Expert - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Top 7 Dental Apps - Dental Expert

With this excellent app you get a comprehensive look at dentistry and oral hygiene. You'll learn how to pick a good dentist, how to minimize your fears and anxiety, what the various treatments and restorations are, the effects of medical conditions, and how to treat the most common dental complaints—just to pick a handful of the topics covered. It is a free iOS app.

4. Tooth Protection Tips - Android

Flash cards are one of the tried-and-true ways to commit things to memory and everyone should know the fundamentals of maintaining good dental health. This free Android app will get you up to speed on what to do and what to avoid if you want your teeth to look their best.

5. Tooth Notes - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Top 7 Dental Apps - Tooth Notes

Either I missed the day in when they taught all the different kinds of teeth inside our mouths, or I wasn't paying attention, or my teacher just skipped that subject in high school health class. With this app it's easy to figure out where your canines stop and your molars begin and what's more, you can make notes about each tooth. You drag and tap a set of teeth and double tap to enter a few comments in a note. You can keep track of which teeth have had work, which are sensitive to heat or cold exposures and more.

6. The Secrets of Whiter Teeth - Android

Top 7 Dental Apps - The Secrets of Whiter Teeth

For just about a buck you can get the skinny on how to whiten your teeth. You'll get the lowdown on commercial home whitening kits as well as techniques you can use and household products you can buy that will save you money compared to the more expensive treatments. There's also information on how certain healthy fruits can improve the color of your smile.

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7. Tooth Camp Lite- iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Top 7 Dental Apps - Tooth Camp Lite

There's no substitute for good habits when it comes to oral hygiene and proper brushing is at the top of the list. Further, instilling those habits in our kids is vitally important. With Tooth Camp Lite, users are treated to an army drill instructor who conducts a 2 minute brushing routine. All four quadrants are covered so not a single tooth is missed in the process. Hup, two, three, four. Now brush properly! The "Lite" version is free in iTunes.