Living green doesn't mean you have to give up your vehicle. Run your errands conveniently and comfortably, but try these apps to reduce your vehicle's carbon footprint. With a little planning and help from modern technology, your car will no longer be the enemy.

6 Mobile Apps to Save Fuel and Green Driving

Top 6 Mobile Apps to Save Fuel and Green Driving

1. GasBuddy

With gas prices soaring, some people drive for miles to find the cheapest gas. Doing so creates a lot of unnecessary, pointless driving. GasBuddy, an app for the iPhone, helps you find the gas station currently selling gas at the lowest price in your neighborhood. Check gas prices before you even get into your car, and you’ll not only save money, you’ll save time and gas.

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2. GreenMeter

- GreenMeter

Now that you've found the cheapest gas, wouldn't you like to know how efficiently your vehicle uses it? GreenMeter evaluates your driving style, measuring variables like acceleration and engine power. You can program additional information, such as traffic conditions, weather, and the type of fuel you purchase, to improve accuracy. After the evaluation, GreenMeter provides advice on how to cut your costs and fuel consumption.

3. A Glass of Water

One of the tricks of fuel efficiency is to avoid fast starts and stops. It is said that your car will be most fuel efficient when you can balance a glass of water on your dashboard. This award-winning app simulates that glass of water so you can test your driving skill and improve your stops and starts without the inevitable messy spills.

4. CarCare

- CarCare

A vehicle that receives proper care and maintenance is going to run cleaner and burn fuel more efficiently than one that is shoddily maintained. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to keep track of information such as when your next oil change or tune-up is due. CarCare tracks all of this information and lets you know everything, even when you should next wax your car. Did you know a clean car improves fuel efficiency?

5. Carticipate

If you're ready to take the further step of ridesharing, this app can help you coordinate rides with others in your area making the same trip. You can ride with other people, or other people can ride with you. Many employers offer special benefits to employees that carpool or rideshare, and carpool lanes are on the rise across the country. This app could save time on your commute and considerable money on fuel. Additionally, if you carpool, you’ll realize a discount on your full coverage auto insurance.

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Best 6 iPhone Apps to Save Fuel and Green Driving -

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