As more and more people have the ability to scan barcodes with the camera on the smartphones, QR codes are increasing in popularity as a marketing tool. The little black and white boxes can instantly connect interested users with a website or other information. They give users and customers the opportunity to interact with the products and services they see in a whole new, direct way.

QR codes can be used for just about anything. If your business wants to implement a marketing campaign using them, there are tons of ways you can go about it. The use of QR codes is only limited by your imagination. Here are some creative uses for QR codes that your business could consider.

Creative QR Code Use - The Hot QR Code Girl

5 Creative Uses of QR Codes for Business

Contest Entries

Everyone enjoys the chance to win, and a QR code can help your customers directly enter your business’ contests and promotions. When they scan the code, they can instantly enter the contest. If you’re running a photo or video contest, the QR code could also include a way for participants to share their entries with their friends and ask for votes. Think about any contests or promotions you have going and try to integrate a QR code into the campaign.

Instant Sharing

QR codes can also help your customers instantly share items via their Facebook or Twitter accounts, which will provide your business with more exposure and social media presence. You can also use a QR code to allow your customers to share something with individual friends.

For example, a QR code could direct a user to a website that allows them to create a personalized photo or music playlist that they can share with a friend or send as a gift. You could also share free music downloads or coupons with them.

Boredom Relief

When people are browsing magazines, riding public transportation, or waiting in line, strategically-placed QR codes can provide a form of entertainment. You could offer a QR code as a link to a simple game, for instance, or some interesting reading material. Something whimsical or funny will attract their attention. It would provide people with something to do when they don’t have anything better in mind, while at the same time promoting your business to them.

Product Pairing

When consumers purchase something, they often make related purchases to enhance the function of the original item. Most products aren’t used alone. You can place QR codes on your products to help suggest other items that would enhance the customer’s experience. For example, if you sell a bottle of wine, a QR code could tell which cheeses and meats go best with it. If you sell a DVD player, a QR code could tell your customer all about the newest and most popular movie releases.

Helpful Suggestions

QR codes can also help your customer’s make the best use out of what they’re buying. If you sell a food item, a QR code could suggest great recipes and provide a shopping list. If you sell hair accessories, a QR code could provide suggestions on different hair styles and uses. A QR code on a purse could suggest matching outfits or provide care instructions. When you place a code on an item you sell, you should use it to enhance and augment its function for the user.