We already know now that Instagram came out recently with a new policy and ToS according to which Instagram can sell the images uploaded by users without any notification and royalty to the user.  After hearing thi, many users were planning to get the backup of their Instagram pics and delete their Instagram accounts.

But few hours ago, Instagram stated officially that they are having no intention to sell user uploaded content. So, you do not need to delete your Instagram account for now. But it is still better to take precaution and have backup of all your Instagram pics if you would like to delete your Instagram account later or if you just want to use those pics somewhere else.

Saving each and every Instagram picture individually on your computer is possible but it is tiring and boring. There are some web apps available which let you download all Instagram images at once. Below are few of the services using which you can backup your Instagram images on your computer or on the cloud.

HOW TO : Download and Backup Instagram Images on Your Computer


As the name suggests, this website is specially to move your photos from the Instagram. It is an easy to use web application. You can login on the site, using your Instagram credentials and then download all your images in a zip file. In the future, you will be able to even send the images directly to your Flickr and Facebook account from the Instagram using the Instaport.


Open Photo let you download all images from your Instagram account to your hard disk. It also supports other social networking sites and you can store your Instagram images directly to the Dropbox and Amazon S3 too.

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It is having a cloud backup service of its own and it provides 5GB of cloud space for free. So, you can directly import photos from your Instagram account or your computer to the Snapjoy cloud and can retrieve them later.

If you know any other app, services or tricks to download and backup all Instagram images on the computer then, feel free to share them in the comments.