One of the nice features of Windows 8 is that it supports the panoramic themes and wallpapers. Microsoft's official Windows theme directory is having lots of special panoramic themes for Windows 8 desktops. But what if you do not want to upgrade to Windows 8 but still want to use those nice Windows 8 themes on your Windows 7, Vista or XP?

There is a simple trick using which you can use the Windows 8 panoramic themes on previous versions of Windows. Just follow the steps given below for that.

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HOW TO : Use Windows 8 themes on Windows 7, Vista and XP

1. First of all go to and download the 7-Zip software if you are not having it already

2. Now, go to Microsoft Windows Theme Gallery

3. Download any theme from the Panaromic or Compatible with Windows 8 & Windows RT section. You can easily get the idea that these theme support only Windows 8 and if you try to open them after downloading, you will get the error message.

4. Now, just rename the downloaded theme file with the extension .7z. For example, if the file name is "PanoramicBridges.deskthemepack" then rename it to "PanoramicBridges.7z".

5. Right click on the renamed file and extract it using the 7-Zip utility on your desktop.

6. You will get a folder DesktopBackfround and a theme file having the same name as the original file.. Theme file is of no use for us, so you can delete it.

7. Open the DesktopBackground folder. You will get all the wallpapers of the Windows 8 theme in it and you can use them as your desktop background.