Before you begin repairing laptop screen, you need to know that the LCD panel is the major part of the device’s display. It is composed of the inverter board and a backlight lamp. If the screen is cracked, you need to get a replacement. Here is how you get the laptop ready by yourself.

How to Fix Laptop Screens

HOW TO : Fix and Change Laptop Screen [DIY]

1. Turn off the laptop and remove the power cord plug. After turning the laptop over, remove the battery cover. Take out the battery and put the unit on a table. Make sure that it is well-lit.

2. Remove the rubber seals on the bezel. This is where you will find the screws. Use a box cutter to get the seals loose. Take out all the screws once the seals are undone. Two to six screws have to be removed, depending on what laptop you have.

3. After you take the bezel and screws off, put a ruler between the frame and screen at the LCD panel’s bottom. Carefully bend the ruler. This will force the screen back and let the frame loose. Remove the frame at the sides and pull it. Some laptops require you to unlock some clips before you can get the frame off. The LCD panel becomes visible after the bezel has been removed.

How to Fix Laptop Screens
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4. Before you can start repairing laptop screen, remove the screws at the side panel. Take off the bracket. Find and remove 2 to 4 screws on the sides. Try to tilt the screen forward. Place it on the keyboard and backside up.

5. Find the inverter. The cable has to be unplugged. The inverter board is the rectangular part connected to the screen. Carefully pull the plastic plug and remove the cable connection. Now you have to unplug the video cable stuck on the screen’s rear. Proceed carefully to avoid damaging the unit. If you followed the instructions, the broken screen is now totally removed.

6. Unplug and unscrew the inverter board. Keep the inverter for the replacement screen. Now, get the keyboard panel. Grab the screen by the sides. Lift it up and set it aside. Get the new screen and position on the keyboard face down.

7. Connect the inverter on the new screen’s base. Join the two of them. Now you can plug the video cable back at the panel. Connect the inverter and power cable. Carefully raise the monitor up. Place it on the lid of the laptop. Now align it with the shell edges.

8. Now it is time to arrange the display assembly. Reconnect the steel bracket to the screen sides. Position and set the bezel in place. Set all the screws back in place. Replace the batteries and turn the unit on.

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Tips and Warnings for Changing the Laptop Screen

There are a few things you need to remember before repairing laptop screen.

1. Always wear an antistatic wrist strap. This will prevent damage to the internal parts. If the screen is heavily cracked, handle it carefully to avoid injury.

2. If there is vital data in your laptop, connect the device to a working laptop and have a backup. The process is straightforward, but backing up data is still necessary.

3. Don’t throw out any working components if you have another laptop. You may need them in case of future repairs. Finally, be gentle with the components, especially the plastic clips. They are very sensitive and can snap easily.