Paper shredder is one of the most important part of any office these days as they are  used to destroy private, confidential, or any type of sensitive documents. Depending on user's requirements, there are many different types of shredders available in the market.

Fellowes, the leading brand for paper shredders and other office products, is out with a brand new shredder 73Ci for small business and home offices. Fellowes 73Ci is available in the market from January 2013 for a suggested retail price of $199.99.


Few of the highlighted features of the Fellowes 73Ci are given below.

100% Jam Proof 

It eliminates the chances of any paper jam while shredding. So, you get a smooth and hassale free performance from it without worrying about the usual issue of the paper shredder.

SafeSense Technology   

We all now that shredder are useful machine but also dangerous if you handle them carelessly. That is why,  the new Fellowes 73Ci uses the SafeSense technology which automatically stops the shredding process when hands of the user touch the paper opening. This is really helpful feature if you use shredder at home office and kids are having access to your office.

Energy Saving System 

We all want save some energy and money. Energy Saving System in 79Ci works round the clock to save energy - both in use and out of use.

Capacitive Touch Screen 

This shredder is having a nice capacitive touch screen to control it. The blue backlight gives it a beautiful and futuristic look.

Cross-Cut technology

It is having cross-cut blades that destroy a paper into 397 particles and provides you the security level of P-4 for shredding your documents.

Also, it uses the SilentShred™ technology to reduce the noise while shredding and to provide a quite shredding experience. It is really a good feature for the shared workplaces and offices.

So if you are looking for a paper shredder for your SMB or home office then, Fellowes 73Ci is the best option available for you in the market.

Feel free to leave a comment about the features and technologies of 73Ci which you are finding useful and interesting to you.