Every great outfit needs great accessories and what is true for fashion is also true for phones. As each new model is unveiled so are a myriad of accessories designed to complement and enhance it. A prime example of this is the BlackBerry Bold which offers a retinue of great accessories to give you the ultimate smartphone experience.

Must-Have BlackBerry Bold Accessories

BlackBerry Charging Pod Bundle and Spare Battery

A phone is only as good as its battery life. Research in Motion offers two accessories that ensure you will never suffer from dead battery syndrome. First, is the extra battery, according to the blackberrysource.com, this long life 3.7V Li-Ion battery is the same one that comes with your phone so they are easy to swap out and will keep you powered up for hours. However, if you ever find yourself running low on power you can turn to the BlackBerry Charging Pod Bundle. It includes a charging dock, USB cord and USB wall adapter.

With the Bold charging bundle RIM introduced a sleek new minimalist design and made it completely user friendly. If you have to dock in mid-call the phone automatically switches to speakerphone for uninterrupted conversation and your phone stays fully operational while charging so a dead battery won’t slow you down.

Headphones and Mini Speakers

One of the most popular new accessories is music to the ears of audiophiles everywhere. The BlackBerry Music Gateway lets you wirelessly stream your favorite music from your BlackBerry to your home and vehicle sound systems. It has been so popular that crackberry.com has had trouble keeping it on their cyber-shelves. If you are looking for a more mobile experience, you can’t lose with the Mini-Boom Speaker. Compact and travel friendly, this little speaker delivers some big sound. It can be fully charged via mini-USB in less than four hours and one charge will deliver three to four days of periodic listening.

BlackBerry also offers the Active 3.5mm Stereo Headset for those on the go. These headphones offer one-button control that allows you to talk, game or listen to music hands-free. This is good news for those who like to talk and drive. While there is still no conclusive findings for the effects of hands-free devices on cell phone-related traffic accidents, Chicago Tribune reported that since California banned handheld devices for drivers in 2008, the number of cell-phone related car accident fatalities has decreased by almost 50 percent.

BlackBerry Bold Safety Pouch

Now that your phone is properly accessorized, you want to make sure you keep it protected. The best way to do this is with the BlackBerry Pocket. The Pocket is a pouch specially designed to perfectly fit your BlackBerry Bold. The outside is reasonably stylish and comes in leather or synthetic while the inside lining is padded to protect your phone from life’s little bumps. If you need a little more color in your life, BlackBerry also offers silicone cases that protect the phone but leaves the screen exposed, so you may want to pick up a screen shield to protect from scratches.

While the BlackBerry Bold stands up well on its own, these accessories will help you make the most of a good thing. One without the other would be like wearing the perfect little black dress barefoot.