Christmas is over and 2013 has begun, which means millions of us have either been bought or have purchased smartphones over the Xmas period. It’s a pretty exciting time for smartphone technology – and technology as a whole – with tablets joining in on the market and turning more of our eyes square! And it’s only going to get better as the market increases and the competition gets tougher. In these situations, the consumer always wins!

As cool as the technology is though, we have to remember to be safe and secure, and that means being extra vigilant when using our phones in public. There’s nothing that attracts a thief more than somebody using a shiny new iPhone 5 or Galaxy SIII in public. You could see yourself becoming a target, and nobody wants that.

Here is a smartphone infographic which provides the data about the most common reason of the smartphone losses. By keeping them in your mind, you can protect your smartphone in most of the cases too. The predicted cost of smartphone loss was $30 billion last year, and we all want to see that decrease, not increase. So keep a close eye on your smartphone and be careful in 2013. to raises awareness that with great technology comes great responsibility, and that protecting yourself from having a lost, broken or stolen phone is as important as having one.

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