Here in the UK we are a rather clumsy lot, highlighted by just how many accidents we have with our mobile phones. From dropping them down the toilet to leaving them in coffee shops it isn't hard to see just how easy it is to find ourselves without a mobile phone.< This infographic also serves as a stark reminder that sometimes we can do everything to keep our mobile safe, but theft will still occur. With the worldwide cost of smartphone loss totalling a gargantuan $30 billion last year, insurance is really the only way to protect yourself from the cost of loss and damage to your mobile phone.

Many people believe that as long as they have contents insurance there mobile will be covered, but this is not necessarily the case. Many insurers will not include mobile cover due to the fact that it does not remain within the home so look into your policy and take out dedicated mobile insurance if you are not already covered.

Sophie works alongside has been victim of theft as well as losing her phone whilst out and about, therefore has taken steps to ensure her new smartphone is protected.

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