Most of the users of iPhone use their default web browser for web browsing known as Safari. Many of the users think that the only way of web browsing through iPhone is Safari. There are many other options available which mostly people are unaware. Each web browser has its own pros and cons. Most renowned browsers are Hot Browser, iBrowser 2, Magic Browser, Opera Mini browser, Incognito, Shaking Web and many more. Generally removing web history from each browser is somehow different from other.

Different Web Browsers for iPhone

As stated earlier that there are many web browsers available for iPhone and every browser has its own functionality and features. So removing history may vary from browser to browser. From now onwards we will discuss only recalling and removing history from iPhone’s default web browser Safari.

Recalling Web History

As iPhone users know that Safari is the default web browser for iPhone. This web browser keeps a record of pages visited in the form of log. This log created by safari is useful as it helps revisiting to a particular website. So with a single click you can revisit any website that is present in the log.

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remove web history, cookies and cache from IPhone

HOW TO : Remove Web History, Cache and Cookies from iPhone

Clearing Web History on iPhone

1. Clearing web history on iPhone is a simple and easy procedure. First of all select “Settings” icon from your iPhone.

2. In setting menu there are various options, so click the icon named “Safari”.

3. Now a screen of safari settings should be displayed. At bottom of this screen there will be a button labeled as “Clear History”. Safari has the feature to keep a log of websites that a user has visited. So if you want to remove the web history then select the button “Clear History”.

4. A screen will appear having a confirmation message that if you want to clear the history or cancel? Press “Clear History” to remove all of the web history from your iPhone.

remove web history, cookies and cache from IPhone

Clearing Single Website Browsing Data from iPhone

1. First of all click “Settings” and select the icon named “Safari”. Safari’s setting screen will appear.

2. Now click on “Advanced Setting” tab. There appears a screen named "Advanced".

3. Now click “Website Data” button. Website data screen will now be displayed.

4. To delete cookies and cache for an individual site click on “Edit” button.

5. For clearing a particular site click on the icon next to it which should be in red and white color.

6. Now a “Delete” button will appear next to website name. Click that delete button for clearing cache and cookies.

Deleting Cookies and Cache on iPhone

1. For deleting cookies and cache return to Setting menu and click on the icon named “Safari”.

2. Again a new screen is displayed. From this screen select “Clear Cookies and Data” button. By doing this step it will remove cookies as well as cache. Actually cache is responsible and allows safari to quickly load visited page without reloading the whole page and images.

3. Now a confirmation message screen will appear that confirms if you want to continue or not? To delete all cookies and cache press “Clear Cookies and Data”.