Most people love to share things with their near and dear ones that attract their attention or something they feel interesting and funny. It is expected that you are not an exception and therefore, you also love to do the same i.e. sharing everything that you find noteworthy with your friends, followers or family members.

As we find in computers the Print capability using, which we can capture screenshots and send them at once to anybody you want. iOS has come up with the idea which is in many ways similar to that procedure. The application developed to execute the process has been named as ‘Display Recorder’. It supports both iPhone and iPad.

How to record your iPhone and iPad screen with Display Recorder

HOW TO : Record Your iPhone and iPad Screen

1. Download the Display Recorder from the App Store by visiting the link given below.

Download the Display Recorder

2. After you download and install the application, now you need to launch that application and just click on the Red Button to record.

3. As the recording starts you can now exit the application if required by simply the Home button on your device. The Display Recorder will continue recording the screen of your device even if you exit the application and will not stop until you enter the application again and click the "Stop" button. The red bar located at the top of the display screen is there to indicate that the audio is continuously being recorded simultaneously with the video.

4. You can now watch the videos that have been recorded by you. You can even share those videos with your friends and others directly from within the application. You can now upload the video clippings to YouTube or transfer them to other applications seamlessly. Once used you may find how handy and cool the tool is.

5. If you do not want to record audio along with video you can at once deactivate it by visiting the settings. This app also allows you to manage the quality, duration and the size of the video that are getting recorded in the settings menu.

This application is surely going to be hit among the users who use iPads or iPhones. They can either help somebody or simply show off the application on the iOS devices.

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It is possible that you have seen a number of similar clippings or videos while visiting Google to get answers of some of your problems related to iOS device. You may find list of results coming up containing the screen recording. You may realize that how important the application is and how eagerly you were waiting for this functionality.

Earlier this exclusive feature was only offered to the iOS users who have Jailbroken iOS devices. Now this feature is available for all iOS users so that they can enjoy and share their fun with the others cross the world.

Though it is quite a known fact that Apple does not allow any third party software to capturing screen live on their Apple store. But though it is still not clear but can be assumed that Apple might be changing or revising their policies finally.