Technology is a wondrous thing. In the world of Apps, there is something for everyone no matter their walk in life. For Christians, there are a number of inspirational bible themed apps. These apps are designed to help users find inspirational and devotional passages in the bible to help them along in their faith.

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Top 5 Bible Themed Inspirational Apps


The Bible App

There are few things more inspirational than hearing the words of the bible spoken out loud to you. This app is often used by or purchased for Christians who cannot read. The Bible App is funded by a non-profit ministry called Faith Comes by Hearing who are committed to bringing the word of god to the illiterate.

To engage both literate and illiterate listeners, the audio on the bible app is not just read but dramatized to inspire and engage the listener. And this dynamic and inspirational text is accessible to people from all areas of the world. The Bible App reads and displays text in a wide variety of languages from Bafut to Ewe to Malagasy to Arabic and beyond. And because this audio can be accessed off-line, it is ideal for taking on missionary work to inspire others.

The Prayer Notebook App

The Prayer Notebook App helps you inspire yourself and others. This app allows you to schedule your prayers for yourself. Simply scroll through the list of inspirational and devotional prayers and pick the ones you want to schedule for yourself throughout the day.

The Prayer Notebook App also encourages inspiring others. Users can email or instant message their friends through the app to let them know when they are praying for them with one of their scheduled prayers. You can also tweet your prayers through the app to let a wider social know where you find inspiration.

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Wise Proverbs Daily Bible

Wise Proverbs Daily Bible App

The bible is a big book. While many bible apps give you access to the entire bible, xxx pares the inspirational words of the Old Testament down to its most significant verses. This collection of devotionals is called "the wide proverbs".

Each day, a pre-selected proverb pops up in a large or small widget (your choice) on the screen. If you find a particularly inspirational quote, the Wise Proverbs Daily Bible app allows you to e-mail said app to a friend. The wise proverbs may be set to the English Standard Version (ESV) or King James (KJ) version of the bible.

Bible - YouVersion

YouVersion is designed for Christians who need a specific type of inspiration. Users can search for inspirational bible passages by topic or subject. The easy-to-use interface allows users to find the inspiration they need when they need it.

In addition to a search function, YouVersion also has daily bible verses that users can click on and seek inspiration from. When users feel particularly inspired, they can share that inspiration with other. YouVersion allows users to share their thoughts about the verses they read with friends.

Tecarta Message Bible

Tecarta Message Bible

The Tecarta Message Bible gives its users inspiration in simple words. To help its users focus on the message rather than the language, each available bible quote is written in conversational and engaging language. In doing so, Tecarta hopes to keep the bible and its message fresh and contemporary for readers.

The Tecarta Message Bible allows users to highlight passages that they find particularly inspirational. Users can also take notes on the page their reading with a built-in note editor. Particularly inspiring passages may be e-mailed, texted or posted on Facebook for friends and family to enjoy.

Inspirational bible apps are designed to enlighten and inspire their users. Choose the app or apps that are best for where you are in your faith today.