Gadgets have transformed the way we live our lives. They have helped us become more organised, socialable and in some cases more environmentally friendly. However on the flip-side, if we misuse gadgets they can have the opposite effect.

This infographic looks at how people waste energy by overcharging their gadgets, how we can become greener by changing our gadget habits and our dependence on gadgets.

Because we have become more dependent on gadgets this is now having a negative impact on our energy bills. Gadgets such as mobile phones, games consoles and laptops need to be regularly charged on a daily basis, some for hours at a time.

The infographic shows that over 70% of people over-charge many of their gadgets thus adding to the cost of their gas and electricity bills.

As technology moves on and the need to reduce our carbon footprint becomes greater, innovations are now allowing us to charge our gadgets in a greener way by harnessing the power of solar and wind energy.

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