Does the thought of living without your gadgets seem unthinkable? Could you manage without your smartphone, iPod or tablet pc? Well plenty of people do! Here's my guide on how you too can survive without your gadgets.

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Living without your smartphone or mobile seems simply impossible for many people these days. Not only do modern mobiles allow us to call or text people at anytime, but these days they also allow us to interact with friends on social media sites, connect to the Internet and even take photos and videos. However it's still possible to do many of those things without your smart devices.

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Did you know, for instance, that modern public phone boxes not only allow you to make phone calls when you're out and about, but also allow you to send SMS text messages and compose emails? BT's 'text direct' service also allows callers to dictate a text message via an operator if typing it using the keypad seems like too much hard work.

Internet Cafe

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Some payphones also allow you to browse the web, although this can be pretty pricey at £1 for the first 15 minutes and then 10 pence for every 90 seconds thereafter. The best bet for Internet access is to find yourself an Internet cafe or cybercafe, where you can surf the web all day for just a few pounds.

Dinner with Friends

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OK, so that's communications sorted, but how would you cope without the constant interaction of social media? Imagine no tweets or Facebook updates, what would you do? Well here's a revolutionary idea for you, how about you actually invite your friends round for a coffee and catch-up on all the latest news and gossip in person. Not only will you build far stronger bonds than your flaky Facebook friends, you won't have to limit your sentences to 140 characters either.

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Tablets like Apple's iPad are great. Slim and portable they are ideal for keeping up with current affairs thanks to newspaper apps and the ability to carry a library of books around with you wherever you go. How could we cope without them? Well I suppose we could always buy a newspaper and go to the library. Libraries are great places to visit, as well as borrowing books modern libraries also allow you to read newspapers and magazines, borrow DVDs and audio books, and are another place you can access the Internet. What's more many of these services are free.

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If you're one of those people who are constantly attached to their iPod, the thought of giving it up must be unthinkable, but want if you had to? There are many places you can go to still get your music fix. A quick read of your local newspaper will probably reveal many local gigs for you to check out or even musical festivals - both far more pleasurably than listening to an mp3. Failing that you could always just whistle.

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Disposable Camera

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Living without your camera phone may seem a tough ask for some, but let's be honest, the quality of the photos aren't all that. A cheap disposable camera would give most camera phones a run for their money, although there's no denying the convenience of digital photos over traditional film.

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So there you have it. Living without your gadgets isn't that hard after all. Yeah right! Who am I kidding, there's not a chance I'm giving up my smartphone for anything!

Author Bio : This survival guide was written by writer and gadget addict Ally.

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