We have told earlier that soon lots of hands-on reviews are going to be published on the Geeky Stuffs and here comes the hands-on review of the Huawei Sonic. All pros and cons of this phone is considered in various sections individually. So, let's start now.

Huawei Sonic : Hands-on Review Unboxing

Huawei Sonic : Hands-on Review


Huawei Sonic is a beautiful phone and it feels good to hold it in the hands. There are no physical keys on the front. Switch on/off key is on the top and volume keys are on the left. There are no keys on the right side. The metal used in the body contributes well in the design and gives the phone a rick look.

Display & Screen

One of thing which I liked most in the Huawei Sonic is the screen. Huawei Sonic is having the 3.5 inch TFT Capacitive touch screen with HVGA 320x480 resolution display which is one of the best in its price range. The touch screen is really smooth and very responsive.

Huawei Sonic : Hands-on Review

The display is really bright and works very well in bright sunlight too. You get crisp images with the help of 165 ppi pixel density.

Processor & OS

Huawei Sonic is having the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. You can upgrade the Android Market to the version 3.4.4 right after getting the device. Along with the default Android keyboard, Huawei Sonic got the Huawei Keyboard as well. Even though the Huawei Keyboard is feature rich, it is not so good in appearance and looks.

It is having the 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM which is acceptable for entry level smartphone. But what I really did not like is the processor. Huawei Sonic is having 600MHz processor which works pretty fine in normal condition. But when you start multitasking or playing games with high graphics then, it causes problems sometimes.

It is still OK for the average user but for heavy users like me, the processor does not score much.


Huawei Sonic is having a 3.2MP camera which takes pictures in pretty good quality with the resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. The video recording is also nice at 800x480 resolution.

There is no front camera and flash in the Huawei Sonic. The worse thing is that there is no Night Mode as well. But in the abundance of light, you will get nice images from the camera of Huawei Sonic.

Apps & Customization

Huawei Sonic is the first phone having the features of Cloud+ technology, developed by the Huawei. The Cloud+ technology of the Huawei comes with some amazing features like the 16GB free Cloud storage, Message+, Phone finder, SNS, Contacts Integration etc. Click here to know more about the Cloud+ technology on Huawei Sonic.

It is having the 5 home screen which you can customize. It is also having the built-in Huawei Launcher which is really a good one.

Huawei Sonic : Hands-on Review Coupons

Huawei Sonic comes with various free coupons to download apps, music and games on your device. It includes the free 3GB Internet for 90 days on Aircel, around 200 downloads on Hungama.com, Rupees 100 Ibibo coupon etc.

The pre-installed apps are YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk, Weather Clock, Documents To Go, Flashlight, Astute Planet etc.

Social Networking

Huawei Sonic is good phone for the social media lovers. It integrates and syncs your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn to your Phonebook for easy access and 24 hours connectivity. Huwei Stream is the dedicated social networking app which is designed to take care of your social networking needs.


You can enjoy the videos on the nice screen of Huawei Sonic. This phone got the Huawei Music which is having a nice UI and various features like the displaying lyrics, cutting the track, marking songs as favorite, visual spectrum, various skins etc. But it lacks the equalizer in it. It is also having FM Radio to enjoy the local FM stations.

Huawei Sonic : Hands-on Review - Huawei Music

The built-in speakers are good and loud. But the earphones provided are of low quality and just can not give you a nice music experience. I tried various headphones on Huawei Sonic but none of them satisfied the music lover inside me.


Huawei Sonic is having the 1400 mAh battery which works well. In one full charge, it goes from morning to night and that is sufficient for a heavy user like me.


Huawei Sonic is a nice phone and one of the best one in its price range. The only thing which it really lacks is better processor otherwise it is better than nearly every phone of this segment. Also you get some amazing Cloud+ features with Huawei Sonic which are not available anywhere else. So if you are not a heavy user or much into gaming then, you will love this phone for sure. Go for it