Many households suffer from overcooked (and sometimes undercooked) food, or coffee that has coffee grinds in the cup, causing unneeded dislikes for certain foods and drinks. Due to this increased desire to make better food, many Smartphone companies have created countless applications to help with food preparation and proper cooking times. Many of these apps have failed, and have lead many customers to believe that there will never be an application for cooking. But thanks to Apple, they have yet again defied the laws of application making, and have designed TasteTimer for the iPhone.

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TasteTimer iPhone app

The TasteTimer is a very well designed application, with bold colors and wording, and a rather elegant navigation system. Upon first opening the app, the viewer will find the front page has 19 different categories, ranging from drinks, grains, seafood, and much more. With a few taps on which category the user wants, the search can be narrowed down to the item of choice. Once the item has been selected, the iPhone screen will be a wealth of information on how to properly prepare the item, how to find the best quality, even how long and how hot the food should be prepared at.

The one downfall to date for reviewers is that the TasteTimer does not include complicated recipes for cooking. The app is designed to give quick, easy, and more importantly, helpful tips for the basics of cooking. The app is very detailed in the beverage department, having a record of over 120 different kinds of tea. There are directions for how to brew, steep, and enjoy the perfect cup of love.

There are plenty of different themes to choose from, and a large variety of timer noises to choose from to make cooking and brewing even more interesting for the younger set. This can help in teaching young children how to be patient while the cookies bake in good time. Another bonus feature is that the users can edit any existing method, or allow the users to add new ones, allowing customers to keep a wide array of methods under their sleeves.

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TasteTimer iPhone app

TasteTimer is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch, requiring the iOS 4.0 and later. At the reasonable price of $3.99, the TasteTimer will easily make up for the cost after grilling the perfect Porterhouse steak the first time. And never again will tea be gritty and tasteless, thanks to the TasteTimer. For those who aren't into all of the fancy tips for grilling, or how to boil eggs properly, they offer each app individually, for the cheap price of 99¢.

So whether cooking is a passion, or just a little hobby used to impress Mom and Grandma during the holidays, TasteTimer will benefit everyone. It's very clean, bright, and simple to use- making reading the instructions while in the kitchen a breeze. This application will make even the novice of kitchen cooks masters (or at least regular) cooks. Great for any college student who's just starting out on their own.