Dressing like a geek is no longer the social handicap it used to be. If anything it's positively chic. Helping you get just the look that radiates style, intelligence and a love of all things equation and sci-fi based are the below pointers. Enjoy!


Get some. It doesn't matter if you don't need them, they're a staple of nerd cool. Rayban Wayfarers are the overdone choice. What you really need is a horn-rimmed and tortoiseshell pair. The heavier the frames the better.


Guys rock a side parting, not overly slick. Too much product leads to looking like an infamous dictator. Girls can do pretty much anything as long as it doesn't look 'Hollywood'. Best bets are loose buns, anything off your face really, twirled up and held in place with chopsticks or a pencil works well.

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What you really need to do here is decide what mode of geek you're going to be. Essentially smart or casual. Smart is the classic book-loving studious look, where as casual is more about t-shirts with in-jokes about sci-fi shows and retro videogames. Make your choice!


Smart is always going to be shirts. For dudes well fitted and buttoned right up to the neck is the order of the day, throw in a bit of subtle patterning if you like the more tweedy the better. Girls oversized baggy blouses, vaguely sheer if you're a confident sort, and partner this with a thick knit cardigan. Casual tops are the same for both guys and gals; all about the nerd tee. Get them with brainy quotes, superhero emblems or something to do with Nintendo.


Girls go high in the waist short in the ankle and nicely tapered. Guys seek out a similar shape but it's not so pronounced, you really can't go too wrong, just nothing too baggy.


Keep the length around the knee, just above or just below and a-line or pleated. Pencil can work too though such lines tend to verge on the sexy secretary look, so be warned. Colour wise keep them bold, geeks like a polite clash.

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To be honest in the footwear department you can pretty much get away with anything. Personally I like lace up shoes for gents and for the ladies either plimsolls or a sensible heel, maybe with a t-bar for a little 40s edge.

Mix It Up

Remember geeks exist in all walks of life so don't be afraid to throw in your new styling with any of the following: emo, urban, boho, indie, goth, preppy, professional and so forth.


Geek accessories are everywhere. Binary watches are probably the ultimate nerd timepiece. Belt buckles featuring Mario or retro console controllers are a-plenty and to be honest the world is really your oyster. Girls can wear any jewellery really, but try not to go too cool, vintage is most likely to complement your ensemble. You'll need a bag of course to keep your big headphones in and that old Polaroid you insist on taking everywhere. Messenger bag is the basic option though satchel and briefcase show an extra dedication.

With that you should be ready for a wardrobe overhaul... Geek Style!

Author Bio : When not crawling the charity shops for retro chic, Pippa Saunders can be found writing for the website Wedding Digest, the new portal for all things wedding-related.

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