Hey girls, so you think Geeks are boring and do not know how to talk and handle a girl? They know it for sure but they do it in their own way. And that is why, they are geeks.

Here is the collection of the geeky pick up lines which geeks can use on girls. Few of them are very much scientific ones and there are chances that you will just not understand them. And if you do then, you will love them for sure.

So, if you are a geek then this one is for you. And this post is also for all those girls to let them know that which pick up lines they can expect from a geek. So, have a look on these geeky and scientific pick up lines and let me know which one you liked most in the Comments section.. Enjoy

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Geeky & Scientific Funny Pick Up Lines

Geeky and Scientific Funny Pick Up Lines

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