After the Google Penguin Update, a lot of sites were hit but there were those sites too that got a boost in their rankings. What is it that the winners did? And what is it that those on the opposite side did not do? SEOs practice passive marketing that focuses on keywords. Although trends are changing, they still have a long way to go.

You may get the rankings on search engines but keywords do not convert traffic. To be successful, your business should be able to convert traffic. Given below are 5 things that SEOs can learn from business owners to survive.
4 Things SEOs Need to Learn from Business

4 Things SEOs Need to Learn from Business

Understand User Queries

The first thing to do is to stop thinking about keywords and start focusing on user queries. Use Google’s Autocomplete Algorithm to know about user queries, behaviors, attitudes and search tendencies. Business owners understand how users arrive at their sites. SEOers can learn from this.

Find Promotional Channels

The focus on content relevancy and quality is higher than ever, especially after the Penguin Update. Find link-building targets to reach out to the masses. The first step to this is to find a relevant image that people will relate to your brand. You can use Google Image Search for ideas on this. Enter the URL of the image on You must now find opportunities for link and relationship building and visibility using TinEye’s index. Also, explore opportunities for social outreach by becoming members on forums.

Blogger Outreach Vs. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging gives you greater visibility, exporsure and traffic while blogger outreach is emailing blogs to exchange links. Instead of focusing on posting links, focus on creating content that can be featured on relevant blogs that has wide readership. Guest Blogging always pays better.

Treat Traffic With Respect

Getting traffic on your blog or business needs time and money. The success of a business owner is because of his natural link-building that is successful because of the following reasons.

  • Natural link building decides how the site converts.
  • You can optimize and refine traffic.
  • You focus on conversion and use methods for retention.
  • - You use all data available and build links.

On the other hand, SEOs focus only on link building to increase SERP visibility. As a result, they faced the Penguin’s wrath and lost rankings. In addition, link your site to those of your competitors and build a strong and good reputation. These learnt lessons will stand you in good stead and help you regain your lost place in the search engines.