Your smartphone could be the next best thing since sliced bread. However, its battery life is a serious limitation. Your phone can go dead when you need it desperately. If you wish to keep your device alive for longer, you just need to know a few tips on conserving the battery on your smartphone.

5 Best Tips to Improve Battery Performance of Smartphone and Tablets

5 Best Tips to Improve Battery Performance of Smartphone and Tablets

1. Turn Off Notifications

It is good to have your smartphone notify you of missed calls or new text messages. But you can go overboard and use this feature for a number of things that you may not need. For instance, apps are notorious for constantly pinging the Internet looking for new updates. If you have the notification feature turned on for all your apps, you could have your smartphone screen lighting up more frequently which would drain your battery quickly. Therefore, turn off this feature in the apps that do not require it.

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2. Don't Use Vibration

The vibrate feature is very useful in your smartphone. However, your phone consumes a lot more power when it vibrates instead of rings. Sure, there are times when you just cannot let your phone ring, like when you are in a meeting where things need to be kept silent. Another option is to keep your phone in view so that you can see it light up when there in an incoming call. You can also turn off notifications to prevent getting false alarms.

3. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are serious drainers of your smartphone battery. If you are not using either or both these features, you need to turn them off to save battery power. Some phones come with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggle widget which makes it easy to toggle Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth on and off with a single tap on the screen.

4. Dim the Screen

You might love the sharp display quality of your smartphone’s screen, but it could be the culprit that is consuming most of your battery’s energy. See if your phone comes with an auto-brightness feature that dims the screen based on the ambient lighting level. If it doesn’t, you can still lower your screen’s brightness manually as much as possible. This alone will let your battery last much longer than before.

5. Reduce the Screen Timeout

Your phone’s screen will stay lighted after every activity for a fixed amount of time called the screen timeout. Since a lighted screen consumes more power, you should reduce the screen timeout setting to 30 seconds or less.

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Following these few tips will help you save power and extend the life of your battery after every charge. Furthermore if you follow the above tips you will be charging your phone less often and will also help with reducing you electric bill.