Viewers and fans of Star Trek may watch simply because they enjoy the show, but there are those that consider the possibilities of what is presented to them onscreen. Time travel, wormholes, replicators, and most of all Aliens may seem like concepts that could never be reality, but there are some that think technology of Star Trek proportions is not only possible, but plausible. In the time since the creation of Star Trek, many scientific theories and discoveries have been made, especially in the technology field.

When the show was first created, the concept of being able to do things like control a ship from a totally computerized station or to communicate with someone in another location via video with the push of a button was completely speculative. Characters were believed to have all of the technology views saw because their societies - and the combined intelligence of different species - allowed for these discoveries to be made. Today, they have been made because many great scientists and computer programmers have worked together to utilize available technology.

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