An average online shopper is a woman aged 42 years old. This shopper spends averagely $400 in a single month. The reason why the ladies who are online shoppers are aged over 40s is that younger ladies spend most of their time on the social media and not the e-commerce sites.

5 Best Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Tip 1: Bookmark the Reliable and Safe Online Shopping Sites

There are many reasons why important websites should be bookmarked. One of the main reason is that of easily getting to the websites when you need to do online shopping. It is advisable never to depend on search engine results when looking for some reliable online shopping websites.

There are three major websites in the world which are leading - Amazon, eBay and Alibaba

Tip 2: Ignore Suspicious Offers Sent by Email

All spam emails which introduce suspicious offers must be avoided at all costs. The reason is that these emails have attachments which carry virus.

Tip 3: Verify the Unbelievable Offers

All unbelievable offers must be verified before taking any further action. The offers include very large discounts which make you doubt if they are genuine.

Tip 4: Double Check Payment Sites URL

The Spoofed pages are used by phishers to get more information about the bank accounts and credit cards. At all times the payment websites URL must be checked well to make sure that you are on the original website. The most popular websites which have been phished in the past includes PayPal and eBay.

Tip 5: Use a Reliable Security Software

A person should learn the importance of reliable software which is used to block all those websites which are fake in online shopping.

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