We all love to listen music on our smartphones and computers. But most of the time, our devices either lack the loudness or the audio quality in their speakers. Our gadgets let us enjoy the music when we are using the earphones but same is not the case with the speakers. So, it is better to go with the good quality external speakers.

But if you think that an external speaker with good audio quality will be a huge one then, there is a good news for you. XMI X-Mini II Mini Speaker is the perfect combination of the power and size. So, you get a nice quality external speaker in a very compact size.

I have received a pair of XMI X-Mini II Mini Speakers recently from GearZap which is a popular gadget accessory site from where you can buy the nice stuff like Nexus 7 accessories and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 accessories. The full review of the XMI X-Mini II Mini speaker is given below.

XMI X-Mini II Mini Speaker : Must Have Mobile Accessory for Music Lovers

The design of the XMI X-Mini II Mini is very futuristic and looks nice. It is small in size and having spherical shape but it can be opened from the middle by twisting it. An On/Off switch is given to switch on or off the gadget. Also the volume rocker is given to control the volume coming out from the speakers.

XMI X-Mini II Mini is having a miniUSB socket for the charging purpose. So, you can connect it your computer or laptop to charge it. The audio jack and USB connector are connected together to the miniUSB plug. So, you can charge the device and listen music on it at the very same time.

One more separate audio jack with a very small length cable is given at the bottom of the device. It is used for the daisy chaining the XMI X-Mini II Mini speakers or you can use it to connect the speakers to your device when you do not want to charge the speaker battery with the 3-in-1 cable arrangement.

As obvious, it is having a small battery inside it. But, though small in size, it performs pretty well and lasts longer. Also if it run out of juice then, you can charge it fully in just few hours. An LED indicator is also given which shows the status of the battery.

Another good thing about this arrangement is that you can continuously listen the music on XMI X-Mini II Mini speakers when it is charging without worrying about the status of the battery.

X-Mini is utilises the Bass Xpansion System (BXS) to provide nice quality bass in the music. To enjoy the BXS, all you have to do is to twist the speaker to open it from the middle. The BXS on X-mini is nothing but a concertinaed plastic which creates the good quality bass when it is opened.

One of the highlighted feature of the X-mini speaker is the "Buddy Jack" arrangement. As the name suggests, you can connect two or more X-mini speakers together. It is really useful when you want to listen the music loud. You can connect any number of speakers in this arrangement. So, you can have a nice portable music system available anytime, anywhere.


If you are a music lover who love to listen music on his mobile devices then, XMI X-Mini II Mini speaker is a must have device for you. It provides nice quality audio with good bass, small in size, the price is very reasonable and having a nice battery life.