If you work on a computer all day then you know just how easy it is to get distracted. With the internet at your fingertips, you can quickly switch between your Excel spreadsheet and a YouTube video of someone’s cat falling asleep. Having this kind of power can make it extremely difficult to get boring tasks done sometimes.

Well, as if you weren’t already distracted enough at work, there are also a plethora of other useless computer gadgets you can keep on your desk to rob you of even more of your time. The following list contains some of the most useless computer gadgets ever made. Yes, some of these are entertaining, but they are all impractical and useless, in my opinion.

Top 10 Useless but Funny USB Gadgets

USB Humidifier

This is one where it might look cool and I’m sure people would want to have it on their desk just because it’s cute looking and makes vapor smoke come out of it, but really, it’s not really a practical humidifier. If it is I would be surprised. It’s just too small to really create enough useful vapors.

USB Hamster Wheel

I suppose the goal behind this one was to make you type/work faster. Again, entertaining for a minute, but not really useful. Now if it had a digital screen that told you how many words per minute you were typing in real time, now that might be useful!

USB Golf Game

Dumb and useless… Too small to even work, I’m sure.

USB Warming Mouse Pad

Yeah, this won’t make you look stupid but is this really useful as cold air can still go inside from the sides.

USB Doggy Sit Ups

Sure this would be funny to see, but would serve no purpose in helping you get your work done, other than entertaining you for the first few seconds you saw it.

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USB Boxer

Same as the above one – entertaining, but useless.

USB Vacuum Cleaner

This one is really stupid if you think you gonna clean big mess with it cause there’s no way a vacuum this small could work. If you want to remove the dust from your desktop then it is worth it. But, do not expect anything more than that.

USB Cannon

When you are getting bored, you can use this gadget to bombard the places near you. Good to have fun in office otherwise totally useless.

USB Prankster Pen Drive

It is a gadget which you can use to create mess in your friend's computer like toggle caps lock on and off, move the mouse randomly and type random alphabets. If you like that kind of stuff then, it is a good one otherwise a useless gadget.

USB Bat Signal Projector

I guess you might need a USB bat signal if you get into some trouble with Excel or PowerPoint presentation, right?

As you can see, there is no shortage of useless computer gadgets to keep you distracted from doing real work.