These days you can get a surprising number of gadgets that operate out of USB ports. Some are admittedly more complicated than others; while some simply use the USB connection to charge, others install sometimes rather sophisticated software in order to ensure that the device works properly (or indeed at all). Additionally, they generally fall into two main categories: useful or fun. Which of these would you like to grace your desk (come on, don’t pretend you don’t want at least one of these)?

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USB Cup Warmer

Best USB Desktop Gadgets - USB Cup Warmer

What’s that? You’ve only just made your cup of tea and you’re being rushed off to a meeting too important to risk taking it with you (don’t want to spill it on the paperwork, now, do you?)? Then good news! The USB cup warmer requires no software to run, so you simply plug it in, turn it on and you can warm your cuppa back up to an acceptable temperature.

USB Boxer

Best USB Desktop Gadgets - USB Boxer

Combining video game software with an actual toy, having your own desktop boxer is a great way to work out stress without damaging anything - or anyone - in the process. You control this little but undeniably tough guy’s punches via your keyboard, the gadget also producing authentic ring sounds and keeping track of your score. One thing’s for sure: if you have this dude sitting on your desk then you’re sure to get some curious passersby (and then you have the perfect excuse to show off your skills).

USB Shredder

Best USB Desktop Gadgets - USB Shredder

Too busy to get up and go to the company shredder (or otherwise don’t want your co-workers to see what it is you’re shredding)? In that case, you’d do well to invest in a mini desktop shredder of your own; some of these even have in built letter openers should you be too busy for that, too.

USB PC Prankster

Best USB Desktop Gadgets - PC Prankster

Want to meddle with your co-worker’s PC but don’t have time to write your own virus? Try getting your hands on a PC Prankster. Plug it into a USB port and it will install its mischievous software before thoughtfully giving you enough time to make your escape before it starts to work its magic. The PC Prankster< can toggle caps lock on and off, move the mouse randomly and type an assortment of crazy gibberish (although it never presses enter or saves or closes any documents; its purpose is to annoy, not ruin everything). You’ll be the plague of your office space in no time.

If I had to choose, I would definitely go for the PC Prankster; I got a long list of people I need to try it on.