Have you ever queued overnight and shivered in the rain to buy the latest Apple products? Can you name ALL the Mac operating systems? Do you have an Apple tattoo? Have you progressed through G3s, G4s, original Jelly iMacs to the sexy aluminium look? Does the thought of using Windows or Android make you nauseous?

If the answer to any of these is Yes, you're not alone. Apple is renowned for its cult-like following.

But do you consider yourself Apple Fanboy #1? Well, now is the time to put your loyalty to the test. This 16 question Apple fanboy infographic quiz by MacKeeper.Zeobit.com tests exactly how big of a fanboy (or girl) you are. So grab a quick coffee and let us know how you score in the comments below.

And just for the record, the designer of this Apple fanboy infographic is on 140 and on the verge of an Apple tattoo. What about you?

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Funny Apple Fanboy Meme
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