Whether you started a traditional business or you have a highly innovative website, incorporating the use of your phone is a great way to stay connected to your website at all times. A few years ago this would not have been possible, but now smartphone applications are so diverse that there are so many tools that can help increase your business sales and profits.

These apps are useful for keeping up with your company’s statistics to keeping up with your meetings. You may have a one-person business, a 10-employee business, or a large corporation. These iPhone apps are very handy for helping your business succeed. With a significant in smartphone use, staying up-to-date is extremely important. You can make your life easier and keep customers connected to your network at all times.

Smartphone apps can eliminate any inconveniences that you may encounter. There are so many apps to choose from and it can be frustrating not knowing which one will be most beneficial to your company. With prices ranging from free to more than $10, it can be pricey to buy apps you know nothing about. Here are 10 iPhone apps that can help increase your sales and profit.

Best Business Apps that Help Your Business Grow Sales & Profits

Top 10 Business Apps that Help Your Business Grow Sales & Profits


This note-taking smartphone app that allows you to keep notes of anything you would like such as bookmarks, articles, statistics, reminders, emails, phone numbers, etc. The great part of Evernote is that you can take photos with your camera and then store it in the app.

This is very useful when collecting business cards. If you are on the go and have a great idea to help increase sales, Evernote will allow you to record and save that though so you can go back and hear it when you get a chance.

This app is very useful and is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre, Palm Pixi and Windows Mobile. This is great for business owners to keep just about anything though, idea, or note a click away. This app is free in the Apple app store and Android market.


If you own a business, chances are you travel frequently and your schedule can get out of control at times. This app is great for keeping your travel schedule on check. You can upload your airline and hotel information and the app will compile it into a calendar for easiness.

This app is very user-friendly and has all the travel information you need quickly. Keeping track of all your travel needs is important not only for your business but is essential to keep your sanity. Traveling can be hectic. Treat Worldmate as your own little personal travel assistant that lets you know where you are going, what hotel you will be staying in and has all the information you need in a snap. Let Worldmate travel with you.

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This app is available for your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android. It is similar to a cloud that keeps all your files in one place. It is great for syncing across multiple computers. So if you forgot a file that you need badly, pull it up on your phone quickly. Never forget a file again with this handy app.

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Intuit GoPayment

This useful app allows you to use your mobile device to get paid immediately. This allows for easy transactions with customers. You can email or text a receipt to customers, so they will appreciate that convenience. This makes business quick and easy for both you and the customer.

It is sure to keep customers coming back for more. Keeping customers needs’ close is a great way to feel sales rolling. This app is available for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.


This e-signature app from Adobe is great for getting documents signed quickly and efficiently. Having the ability to get documents signed at a moments notice. You can upload documents stores in your phone and pull them up and get them signed and sent away! This app is highly innovative and convenient.

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Analytic App

This app is useful for online businesses. It keeps track of websites’ statistics, viewer behavior, etc. This app is very accurate and helpful when you need to keep up with your business. You will have access to your company’s statistics at all times. Lets say you are at the gym warming up. Well, you can check your stats quickly and conveniently. This app is great for keeping up all the time wherever you want.

Easy Task Manager

This free app allows you to keep a virtual to do list with you at all times. This is great for keeping up with all your business tasks so you don’t miss a step. This app will help you increase your efficiency. When you increase your efficiency, you can increase your sales and profits.


This can be compared to a virtual wallet. You can store data that is extremely sensitive such as notes, passwords, PIN number and customers’ credit card numbers. Clients will appreciate the safety and you will become a more reliable business.

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This free app is similar to the task manager listed above. This keeps track of your daily business routine. You can combine all your lists such as to-do lists, shopping lists, voice recordings, etc. You can then upload them to your app and you can have everything at a finger’s touch. This is great for business leaders who are always on the go.


This multi-syncing app allows you to stay connected to all your devices. It eliminates the middleman – the flash drive. With apps such as this you will never lose files or forget files again. If you are working on an assignment on the plane and want to finish up at the office, this app makes it simple and convenient for you to do so. App such as this one will make your business more productive. If your business is more productive, your sales and profits will rocket.