Google Plus is having lots of nice features. One of the useful feature which Google Plus provides is sharing the status updates via email with the members of a particular Circle. When you post something to specific Google Plus Circles then, the option appears to share the update via email too.

Though this feature makes us sure that our update will be shared with the members of the desired Circle, it may annoy them if you start doing it too frequently. Also, spammers can use them to fill our inbox with their spammy Google Plus updates.

If you also receive such Google Plus email notifications frequently and want to get rid of them without unfollowing those users then, here is a simple solution for you. Just follow the instructions given below to stop receiving the Google Plus status update email notifications.

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HOW TO : Block Google Plus Status Updates Email Notifications from A Specific User

1. Go to the Google Plus profile of the user who sends you updates via email.

2. Click on the Settings icon at the right corner.

 Block Google Plus Updates Email Notifications from A Specific User

3. From the drop down menu, click the Mute option as shown in the above image.

4. Now, a confirmation window will appear. Just click on the Mute button.

 Block Google Plus Updates Email Notifications from A Specific User

From now, you will not be notified when that particular user mentions you Google Plus or share a post with you. The best thing about muting a user is that you still follow that user and receive their updates on your Google Plus feed without worrying about the annoying Google Plus status update emails from them.