The Internet has brought things that were once thought impossible. We can converse with people on the other side of the globe, discuss important issues and learn about events as they happen. We can even watch live streams of events that we otherwise wouldn't be able to see.

The biggest part of the online revolution has been how much power a single user has. Anyone can be a photographer, cameraman, newscaster, political personality or anything else. Things like YouTube allow people to upload content that wouldn't be seen with the types of media that existed before the Internet.

The recently rapid increase in Internet users shows that people are changing. People as a whole now understand that one person can make a difference on the Internet. Not only has the Internet allowed people to say what they find funny or discuss thoughts that weigh heavily on their mind, but it also has allowed Internet users to come up with solutions that didn't exist before. The statistics behind how the Internet is used may help you to understand why the Internet is referred to as the greatest invention man has created to date.


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