Psychologists have been studying online behavior for well over a decade now and the results are out about one of the Internet's most interesting and universally hated characters: The Internet Troll.

These specimens aren't here to make the online discussion better or more interesting. They're only there to be mean or stir things up. Naturally, civil online citizens wonder why they do this. Psychology thinks it has the answer in the form of several online conditions that help the troll feel safe enough to carry out this type of "behavior" without feeling the least bit bad about it.

In fact, it usually feels like harmless fun. It's not a "real" conversation that they're disrupting, just a silly online one, and they can't even see the people they're hurting, creating a sense of safety and throwing all conscience out the window. That's just the beginning of the story though. Here are a few other things you might want to know about your friendly neighborhood Internet troll.


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Psychological Profile of the Internet Troll (Infographic)
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