Are you looking to reach the top ranks in search engine listings? Follow the tips below and become a major player in the world of SEO.

Best Blogging SEO Tips

Optimize Content

You need to optimize the content that you put on your site. You shouldn't only be optimizing your content for the benefit of search engine results, as you should be primarily focused on your customers and readers and the content that they read on your site. Your content should be presented in a way that your readers will love, as having content people enjoy reading will also help to improve your SEO rankings.

Choose Keywords Efficiently

There are keywords that have been used so many times that there is no use in using them anymore, and, equally, there are keywords that are hardly ever used. You need to keep this in mind when choosing your keywords, so that you choose keywords that people will use, but are also words that haven't become too saturated.

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Work on Navigation

The type of navigation that your site has also has a big impact. Make sure to have sites that are easy to navigate and make the user feel at ease.

Have Ample HTML Links

When search engines "crawl" into your site, they are unable to fill out forms or read different java scripts. So, the best way to show them the full functioning capability of your site is by leaving HTML links on your main page. This way Google spiders can easily crawl onto the pages and find them.

Image Attributes

The "alt" tag and image captions also play a huge role. Do not leave image descriptions empty - rather make them as descriptive as you possibly can. Using sentences like “click here” or “let’s go” are generic descriptions. You should use "alt" tags as descriptive as possible because search engine spiders can not read an image but they do read the image "alt" and title tags.

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Work on Your Homepage

The homepage is the landing page and is therefore the most significant page of the whole site. Make sure to have engaging content that entices readers to read more. It is this page that has the most influence in deciding the fate of your site and your SEO ranks.

Page Titles are Crucial

The titles of your pages are extremely crucial and cannot be ignored. It is important to have the targeted keyword in your title tag as it is the best way of making on-page SEO algorithms work in your favor. Also, choose titles that are unique, as using an oft-used title can cost you dearly.

Have Backlinks

Make sure that other sites link back to your site. It is important to have a link-friendly site. However, people will only link back to your site if you have content worth reading and sharing.

Content is King

No matter how many points and strategies we list, always remember the golden rule that content is king. As long as you post the best content, you are sure to enjoy lots of traffic and healthy SEO rankings.

Stick to Your Domain

Until and unless it is necessary, do not change your domain. SEO algorithms are heavily influenced by how long you have been using your domain. So, stick to the same domain as long as you possibly can. It will be sure to pay off dividends.