Geeks have been on the rise in popularity ever since the first personal computer became widely available to people outside of large institutions. Though even that was only the beginning. Things like Star Trek, Star Wars, Slashdot and comic conventions helped them really shine. The real question for all the geeks out there questions how dedicated you are.

As with everything, there's different classes of geeks. There's the type of people who like computers, browse Facebook and send the occasional instant message to their friends. Those types are the casual types of geeks, and they're also the type that barely complete the bare minimum to even be called a geek.

The real geeks are the type that dedicate themselves to learning seventeen different programming languages, post the majority of the new content that goes on Reddit and communicate with their friends only way of electronic communication. As you'll soon find out, it takes a lot more to be at the top of the geek food chain as an “uber geek” than first meets the eye.

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