On average, people spend as much time in their office working as they do at home sleeping. Making the office a comfortable place where you actually want to spend time can be tricky. Having the latest technology and the right office furniture can help. It is no wonder some of the best offices belong to some of the technology giants. Check out these  cool offices you can only dream of working in. Get inspiration for your own office space.

The Best Geeky Offices Around the World

1. Google

The internet giant Google has offices all over the world, all of which could be considered geeky. Combining technology and comfort, they are a perfect example. Check out this enchanting office location in Soho, London.

This is a one-of-a-kind lounge – I guarantee you won't find anything this unique or cool elsewhere. The best part is Google allows employees down time to relax and de-stress, which means employees actually get to enjoy this geeky office feature.

These one-of-kind lamps are retro & geeky all at the same time. Coupled with handy bookshelves at your back, this spacious office area will make you quite happy.

Have you ever seen a lecture room quite this cool and geeky? Lighting is awesome, but the multi-colored chairs take the cake. Nobody could possibly complain about the ingenuity this interior designer used when furnishing Google's office.

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2. Groupon

This office has a bit more of a rustic look it, while still maintaining a good, useful work environment.

While many workers feel privacy is important, being able to communicate while working is important, too. Apparently Groupon understands the importance of instant, constant communication between employees.

Are bricks 'geeky'? If you check Wikipedia, probably not. Yet, Groupon has the coolest, rustic office complete with a brick wall. Notice the pipe on the "outside" of the building? Yes, this office building tries to capture working outdoors, even down to the details.

Even the work tables at Groupon are different. The kind of different that is awesome.

3. Twitter

This social networking company made their offices just as much fun as their website.

Could Twitter possibly have an office without birds? Of course not! This mural is probably tweeting. Maybe about migrating south? No luck with finding their Twitter accounts, though.

Of course Twitter must have their trademark cloud as a mural. Birds can't be outdone and permitted to overtake the Twitter office. When Twitter's website is down and “out of capacity”, did you know they really just got rained out? Yes, extravagant flooding, likely because their server was overloaded.

Between the vintage timer, geeky chairs and TV controller, you'll find this conference room one to remember. Do you ever wish you worked somewhere this amazing?

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4. Zappos

They sought to bring a little bit of the outside in to their office.

This is one bright, cheery office in Las Vegas you'd probably enjoy working in. Quite a peaceful setting.

Did you ever think a raccoon stuck in a beam was geeky or otherwise a nice office decoration? Apparently Zappos thinks so!

That has to be every geek's dream cubicle. When the A/C heat turns on, your tree will start blowing in the breeze. Just don't forget to water it regularly!

Skylights nearly obliterated by green forestry hanging from the ceiling is not your everyday office, but it brings the outdoors in.

No, your boss didn't leave his shoes at work – that's a mega-sized office decoration! Maybe someone should fill it will chocolate kisses.

5. Mozilla

Known for their open source software, this company still has a pretty cool office.

You'll be longing for these comfortable sofas and easy chairs next time your office has a presentation! Who says working has to include sitting in uncomfortable chairs all day long? Not Mozilla!

Tracking this fox is easy – he leaves large, orange pawprints on his trail.

If there is one conference room that is every geek's dream, this has got to be it. Simple, yet so elegently geeky you'll wish yourself in Mountain View, CA.

Orange paw prints from a wandering fox, open office space, cool spotlights, toned lighting, sliding glass cubicle doors and modern office furniture makes Mozilla's office in Mountain View, CA one of the best.

David Ching is a marketing strategist for EQAOfficeFurniture.com, a San Jose, California company offering low-priced, turn-key solutions for office decor. EQA's office furniture includes workstations, receptionist desks, conference tables, desk chairs and office cubicles.