Hiking, mountain climbing, bird watching, skiing and stargazing will never be the same now that we are entering the age of smartphones. The advent of smartphones has enabled us to go beyond just mere communication; our mobile phones can now assist us in doing great outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, mountain climbing and many more. Who would have thought mobile phones would now be a must-have in virtually every aspect of living? If you are into the outdoors then these smartphone apps might just help you with your outdoor adventure.

Best Smartphone Apps for Outdoor Lovers

1. AccuTerra

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Outdoor Lovers

This app enables outdoor-enthusiasts know where they are, in any situation they are in, whether camping, skiing, backpacking, hiking, mountain climbing, etc. This app can give the exact location. The app features a GPS based system of tracking, and the maps show the trail, terrain and area. If you are into skiing or hiking, this app can show you where you are and the type of terrain of your location.

2. GoSky Watch Planetarium and Google Sky Map

If you have a fascination for stars, planets and the cosmos in general, then GoSkyWatch Planetarium (for iPhones) and Google Sky Map (for Android phones) are the apps for you. These apps enable the user to identify and locate stars, constellations and planets easily and quickly, by just touching the screen or by pointing it to the sky. The app is perfectly designed for the outdoors, such as a red-light mode, for night vision.

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3. iBird Pro

Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Outdoor Lovers

If you are into bird watching, then the iBird Pro is a perfect match for you. This app provides information about bird species found in North America, the app is designed for both iPhone and Android phone uses. The app features photos, illustrations, birdcalls and facts about different bird species. This app can help you identify over 234 bird species (those found in North America) without even using an Internet connection. So outdoor enthusiasts can just sit back, relax and enjoy the great scenery.

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4. All-In Pedometer

The All-In Pedometer app is a great app for measuring how much you have walked in a day. It is a great way to monitor activity, especially if you have the goal to be fit and keep some weight off. The app also has a built-in music player that can get you pumped for a day’s workout. While in the outdoors, the app can also measure body changes, which can fast track you towards your fitness goal.

5. Knot Guide

How to tie a knot

Preparation for the outdoors is a key skill for survival. Learning how to tie a knot is one of the skills an outdoor enthusiast must learn and practice. Activities such hiking, mountain climbing, sailing, and skiing necessitates a person to know how to tie a knot. If this is your weakness and you wish to learn how, then the Knot Guide app can help you get through it. The app helps you tie a knot in 17 different categories: Binding knots, Climbing knots, Fishing Knots, Hitches, Rope Care, Scout Knots, Sailing Knots, Loops, Lashings, Shortenings, Splices, Stopper Knots, Whippings, Bends, and even Decorative Knots.

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