When faced with a medical emergency, a useful app can provide guidance. These apps have been designed with state-of-the-art technology and come with features to effectively assist people who have sustained a possible life-threatening injury. Here are five of the best apps designed to help people who are going through a medical emergency:

5 Handy & Useful Apps in Case of a Serious Injury

iFirstAid Lite

5 Handy iPhone Apps in Case of a Serious Injury - iFirstAid Lite

This app can give advice on how to deal with injuries such as bleeding or burns. When a specific injury is selected, a list of steps is presented so that a user knows what to do until emergency services arrive on the scene. If a person finds themselves injured while they are in a foreign country, the app can be used to look up a local emergency phone number.

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Phone Aid

5 Handy iPhone Apps in Case of a Serious Injury - Phone Aid

Users of this app can receive a detailed list of first aid instructions when dealing with an injury. Users can also select an option to have a voice system deliver the instructions. This enables users to use the app hands-free. Detailed images accompany the instructions in order to provide the most thorough guidance possible.

Rescue Kit

5 Handy iPhone Apps in Case of a Serious Injury - Rescue Kit

This app goes above and beyond what similar apps can do. People who suffer from injuries while in remote locations can use the app to send out their GPS location to emergency services. A person’s location can be mapped out with detailed directions and sent via text to emergency contacts. A flashlight feature allows users to see their surroundings and tend to their injuries in even the darkest locations. Users can even use the app to emit a flashing light signifying an emergency. A special traffic light feature can also be used to slow down traffic if the medical emergency has occurred on a roadway.

Emergency Aid

5 Handy iPhone Apps in Case of a Serious Injury - Emergency Aid

In the event of a medical emergency, this app can give step-by-step instructions on how to treat injuries. Users can also record their medical profile, emergency contact information and any other notes to help aid emergency services. One-tap features make it much easier to notify emergency services and any other important contacts.

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5 Handy iPhone Apps in Case of a Serious Injury - !Emergency!

Like iFirstAidLite, this app can be very useful for people who become seriously injured while abroad. Once the app is selected, it will automatically be able to detect the current location and dial the correct local emergency phone number. The app can also be used to locate the nearest hospital or medical clinic in case emergency services are not readily available to come to the scene.

Having a good set of apps can help people deal with their injuries and possibly even save their lives. The features included with many of these apps can provide comprehensive instructions and other invaluable information. These apps are highly recommended as a means to assist people who may face a medical emergency.