All Hallows Eve is fast approaching – the singular night of the year where crossdressing as a zombified Lindsay Lohan, eating far too much candy, and sneaking bags of Skittles from you little sister’s trick or treat spoils to add to your vodka are all socially acceptable pursuits.

Whether you’re planning on attending a raucous house party, spending the evening terrifying yourself with classic horror movies, or even trick or treating (shame on you, stealing the kiddies sweets), why not get yourself in the spooky mood with these awesome Halloween apps?

Best Halloween Apps for 2012

1. Halloween Sounds Pro FREE

Best Halloween Apps

Freak your kid sister out with a multitude of creepy sounds like a spooky organ tune, creaky door and a witch’s cackle. Really freak her out by creating a time-delayed spooky soundtrack, and hiding your phone somewhere, and then leaving the room.

2. Pocket Cocktails FREE

Want to impress that sexy zombie at that Halloween party? Concoct some of the most gruesome drinks known to man with this handy app, such as a Bloody Brain, October Blood and Monster Punch – plus points if you can actually bring yourself to drink them.

3. iHandy Torch FREE

Whether you use it for navigating the back route to the house you need to TP – “They were giving out organic cereal bars, man” – or to enhance your ghost story face, this torch app is an essential.

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4. Make a Zombie FREE

Make a Zombie - Best Halloween Apps

If regular meme faces just aren’t spooky enough for you, try this awesome app that allows you to make and carry around your own little zombie army, complete with pirates, gangstas and homeless dudes that will eat everyone’s faces off.

5. Halloween Party Pack $5.99

Need a soundtrack to your October 31st? With such awesome tunes such as Thriller, Monster Mash and I Put a Spell on You, I’m totally positive you won’t annoy your neighbours if you blast this out of your speakers.

6. Pumpkin Pal $0.99

We all know that pumpkin carving is one of the best parts of Halloween, but if people just don’t feel safe around you when you’re holding a knife, maybe it’s best to stick to a virtual pumpkin...

7. Trick or Tracker $4.99

Concerned parent? Paranoid spouse? Download this app to your phone and your kid’s/bf’s/gf’s phone, and set the app to send their location to your phone number every 15 minutes or so, so you know exactly where they’re trick or treating, or if they are indeed spending the night watching movies at home, alone.

8. True Ghost Stories $0.99

Best Halloween Apps

Terrify every trick or treater that comes to your door with one of these horrifying-yet-true ghost stories, including Child Ghost and A Murder in My Basement. I don’t know about the kids, but you won’t sleep for a week.

9. Pumpkin Pops! FREE

Party a flop? Amuse yourself with this game, remarkably similar to all those bubble popping games, but with PUMPKINS, which just makes it 1000 times more awesome.

10. Zombie Booth $0.99

If you’re just not in to putting all that effort in with facepaint and whatnot, why not just let this app zombify you? You can even watch your undead face try to bite your finger. Endless fun.

Do you have a favourite Halloween app? Feel free to share about it in Comments.

Elise Leveque is a blogger obsessed with Halloween (and also her iPhone). Currently she writes for with her findings on the best apps around.