We are quickly approaching Halloween; a time of year when the threat of zombies increases exponentially. So make sure your vehicle is adequately modified so that you are best protected in the event of zombie attack. Modified car tends to cost more than conventional policies, but it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

There are a number of modifications that you should consider making to your vehicle including the addition of protective armour, fortified windscreens and also an ejector seat. Also don't forget that you should be equipped with weapons in case you face an overwhelming crowd of the zombies from whom you cannot escape using conventional means. In the event of this you would stand the best in a vehicle equipped with water cannons, giant frying pans or potentially also a front plow.

You would also be advised to fit an improved amplifier and sound system through which you can play George Michael records. Don’t forget that zombies have an overwhelming fear of the ‘Faith’ singer…

Infographic courtesy of MoneySupermarket.com

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HOW TO : Zombieproof Your Car this Halloween (Infographic)

HOW TO : Zombieproof Your Car this Halloween (Infographic)
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