Star Trek fans have been known to take an active interest in the Star Wars series, as both brands appeal to the average sci-fi geek. That said, there are just as many people who passionately love one but not the other. There is much to be said, however, for the debate about which world possesses superior technology.

Anyone who witnessed a faceoff between the two series’ main starships would see quite a battle. We think the edge rests with Star Wars’ Slave-1, however, as the Enterprise-D can’t stand up to its speed or weaponry. The former hosts 190 megatons of artillery, while passengers aboard the Enterprise only have access to 64 megatons of missiles.

When it comes to weapons of mass destruction, diehard Trekkies know that nothing compares to Vulcan Red Matter, which can call up a black hole when enough heat or pressure is present. The Empire’s Death Star Beam is pretty great when it comes to destroying the Borg, but Star Trek maintains the edge here.


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