Have you ever wondered how a large successful company spends its resources? Google is one of the most successful organizations in the tech industry. Incorporated in 1998, the company is the second most valuable tech entity in the world. Google's revenue in 2011 was $37.9 billion with a net profit of nearly $10 billion. That's pretty good for a company best known for its search engine.

Additionally, it's amazing to see such profits when so many of the Google products are available free of charge. It's helpful to analyze the sources of revenue and the avenues of expense.

In 2011, 96 percent of Google's revenue was gained through advertising. A large portion of this, $25.145 billion, was from Google websites while another $12.386 billion was from the websites of members of Google's network. Just over a third of the company's revenue in 2011 went toward manufacturing and delivery of services and goods. Additional costs included administration, sales and marketing, research and development, traffic acquisition, and salaries. The company also paid more than $2.5 billion in income taxes.

Have a look on the below inforgraphic to know more interesting facts about Google's expenses and revenue.

Source: Masters-In-Finance.org

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Expenses and Revenue of Google (Infographic)
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