On-Page search engine optimization is all about improving the web presence of your page. The page speed, the use of keywords, the linking structures and other details which go a long way in improving the usability of the website and possibly, even the rate of conversions.

But as any web personnel would know, search engine optimization is about lot more than just On-Page factors. In fact, there are a whole lot of interconnected elements that influence your presence on search results.

For one thing, SEO is about many related activities:

On-Page SEO Factors

Because of this circle of related factors, we can’t rely solely on on-page or off-page optimization. With the importance of content, visual descriptions and other such on-page factors gaining greater importance in search engine optimization, the tendency is to have a limited purview and presume that it’s only about things ON your website. Something similar to this visual description below:

On-Page SEO Factors
But in reality, these factors are very much in sync with off-page factors and both together, influence search engine optimization.

Here is how the circle is connected:

On-Page SEO Factors
There is a constant influence of all your online activities on each other. Let’s try to understand with some instances of on-page factors and other influencing areas of work.

Top 5 On-Page SEO Factors

1. On-Page SEO Factor : Keywords

You may use the keywords very aptly, but your keyword density may be very high – like 10%! That’s almost like a red signal, so then you have to improve your content.

Related Factor : Keyword Research

But before you shift to improving content, which keyword are you targeting? And how are you going to get the maximum returns on the keywords you select? This off-page factor has a direct effect on the on-page factor.

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2. On-Page SEO Factor : Content

Now that the problems with keywords are sorted, you shift your focus to content. You write the most original, awesome, fantastic content. You are so very proud of it. But who is reading it? Have you marketed your content appropriately?

Related Factor : Content Optimization and Marketing

So, for your content to reach the right readers, you need to market it along with keeping it brief, crisp, sharp and informative. Perhaps on social sites, you could share your links or look at traditional bookmarking. Whatever it is, it sure needs to be done.

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3. On-Page SEO Factor : Linking

So your keywords are set, content is managed; now for your site. Have you linked your inner pages properly? Because having a good, well linked website; with inner pages linking to outer pages is a great way to keep the reader hooked on. It’s like giving them a roadmap to explore your site.

Related Factor : Link building

But it doesn’t end with exploring just your site!! Say your internal linking is great! But what about link - building with other sites - How well is your site connected to the web? And where are your web footprints? If you share relevant and interesting links on your site or have relevant connections - it’s always going to add to your authenticity. Your reader will stay on.
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4. On-Page SEO Factor : Usability

You have all the information well connected, but it is also important to keep your usability and “user friendliness” in tap. After all, that influences your relationship with the user. Can the user easily find what he’s looking for?

Related Factor : Social Media

The user is very very happy with your site. He wants to share the info with friends. Do you have your Google Plus +1 button, Facebook Like button, Twitter, e-mail, Reddit, and other such sharing options? Well, if you’re not working on this off page factor, how are you going to grow on your foundation audience?

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5. On-Page SEO Factor: Page speed

So your site is user friendly, but is it loading in time? So, you fix the page speed issues and everyone who comes to your page is happy! But hey, what about the site location?

Related Factor : Web Design

So everything on your site is great but, you have to check your re-directs and canonicalization tags. Have you used them at all? Because, if you haven’t used them, then even this little factor can affect your page ranks.

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So, in short, on page SEO factors aren’t the only aspects that influence search engine rankings.

As seen above, each of the on page factors are interconnected with off page SEO factors; together influencing your site’s virtual presence. You simply cannot ignore working in any specific direction - it’s ultimately a circle, where everything’s important. As web experts, we need to be aware, alert and sharp with our skills to overcome limitations and strengthening presence!

Author Bio : Divya is a fun loving person who enjoys working in areas of website development, SEO and SMO at INetZeal.com. She believes that the challenges faces by SEO professionals is more like a puzzle and can be solved with diligent work and smart thinking.