The majority of Internet marketers understand that they need to be using social media so that they can boost their subscriber list, clients, customers and status in their markets. However, they often still rely on old SEO techniques instead. Here are seven reasons to use social media platforms ahead of SEO.

7 Reasons Why Social Media is More Important Than SEO

7 Reasons Why Social Media is More Important Than SEO

1. Social media platforms let you tap into existing traffic sources. SEO techniques require you to build backlinks, which can take months. You must have high quality (authority) websites linking to your website in order to be ranked highly in Google. On the other hand, many social media websites are already authority websites, so you can use their reputation to your advantage and gain high rankings as a result.

2. Social media saves you time as the platform is already built. You simply need to upload your content, keywords and offer. The website is already optimized so you don’t need to use the usual on-site SEO methods to gain higher rankings.

Social media is free in most cases. The social media platforms want as many users as possible and they are happy to let you promote your business, as long as high quality content is posted on your page.

3. Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter are very interactive ways of connection with your audience, whereas, the previous generation of static HTML websites didn’t permit interaction with readers, visitors and customers, which caused some issues for many online entrepreneurs. Likewise SEO does not directly lead to any interaction with your customers, which is what matters in today’s world of business transparency.

4. Social media is instant and can lead to results (more traffic, more sales) in minutes or hours. SEO, while being effective is nowhere near as quick in the results it will bring your business.

5. Social media lets you reach many thousands of potential clients very quickly and easily. Providing you create a message that connects directly to your market, then you will find many people responding. SEO is an indirect method of communication, and still leaves people having to find your website.

6. Social media can give you a much wider readership. Social media also lets online businesses reach potential customers and influence them with your marketing strategy by signing up and using all the free social media platforms that have diverse user demographics. SEO techniques don’t offer this broad reach.

7. Social media platforms let you synchronize and cross promote each other. For example, you can link your Facebook and Twitter profiles (where a single update will be seen on both websites). Using Facebook and Twitter as one process will cut down on the amount of time that you need to spend on making your own updates.