With the introduction of many different kinds of smartphones, people are finding it difficult to adapt to the new features. Phones in today's society can do so much more than merely take pictures and make phone calls. Smartphones allow users to hold video conferences, watch movies, stream live sports games and even play games against each other in real-time. Along with many different features, interfaces become more and more challenging and complex. On the contrary, cell phone manufacturers are developing phones that are easy to use. These basic phones can be used by anyone and is used by those who are not tech-savvy.

3 Simple Phones For Everyone

Doro PhoneEasy

The first phone is the Doro PhoneEasy 410gsm which costs about $25 and provides simple voice calling. The phone does not require a contract and is activated with plans that run about $10 a month. Even though this cell phone's carrier does not provide free mobile to mobile minutes or night/weekend minutes, it still charges less than the top cell phone carriers. If users plan on only making cell phone calls, then this is definitely their phone. The menu is basic and the speaker is loud; a great gift for someone who does not have a cell phone.

LG dLite

The next simple phone is the LG dLite which is provided by T-mobile. There is a huge price disparity, with prices ranging from 19.99 - 179.99. This phone includes a classy menu with colourful graphics and distinguishable voice quality. The phone costs about 19.99 with a two-year contract. The phone is lightweight and has a jewel ring that surrounds the camera sensor. The interface is easy and reception is satisfying. This phone includes many features that simply make the exterior look appealing including LED patterns and different customizable lights.

LG Accolade

The third simple phone to use is the LG Accolade which is provided by Verizon Wireless. A cell phone user can obtain a contract and get this phone for free or purchase it for $199 without a contract. This phone snaps pictures easily and, well, that's it's most complex feature! This phone is great for users that are not tech-savvy. The phone is small, flips up, and has a clear LED screen make it easy to find a phone numberor read messages. The pictures do come out a tad shadowy, but are still clear. The phone does allow users to download games but this feature can be ignored entirely and is nothing spectacular. Due to the high price, it may be better to just obtain the phone through a contract.

Written by James for PhoneNumber.co.uk, a young writer from London come say hi to me on Twitter @FirespinJay. I like Technology helping me and others who do not have the same needs.